Here at Feuillages du Québec, we are the hydroseeding leaders in Quebec. We give this innovative technique a central place among our company’s services because it quickly enables the restoration of bare areas and offers protection against erosion.

Hydraulic seeding or hydroseeding is a soil stabilization process for both flat lands and steep or very steep slopes. This process consists of spraying a mixture of water, seed, mulch and fertilizer on a soil, whether it is coated with topsoil or not. The pressure of the jet buries the seed on the surface of the soil in order to increase vegetation on the plot. Using hydroseeding can diversify projects and create dramatic results at a lower cost.

There are three types of hydraulic seeding: H1, H2 and H3. The H1 technique is prioritized on flat lands covered with topsoil, the H2 technique is used on flat lands not covered with topsoil, and the H3 technique is used on slopes covered with straw, wood, coco nets or BFM and RFM matrix. The H1 seed mixture, composed of four grass species, is the most common in Quebec and has the price-quality ratio.

Our expertise and resources allow us to:

  • Cover areas of all sizes such as parks, playgrounds, golf courses, commercial and institutional sites, highway surroundings, airports, remediation sites, mining sites, abandoned quarries and landfills.
  • Sow hard-to-reach areas as well as steep slopes and shorelines.
  • Sow/seed approximately 50,000 square meters per day
  • Make a careful analysis of the land and provide you with adapted solutions
  • Respect your deadlines
  • Use biodegradable and non-toxic products

Hydroseeding is efficiently carried out in five stages:

  1. Analyzing the soil to determine the application rate and the type of seed to use.
  2. Preparing the soil to achieve the desired results (removing weeds, raking, leveling the work area, etc.)
  3. Choosing the right products to use depending on the type of soil, climate and desired effect.
  4. Applying the product mixture with of a hose or a canon powered by a pump connected to a tank installed on the truck.
  5. Maintaining the area to allow seed germination and plant growth.

Aware of the stakes and the extent of your needs, our experts will meet your expectations while taking care of every detail to make your life easier and allow you to enjoy a carefree outdoor space.

Ensemencement hydraulique
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Ensemencement hydraulique
Aménagement commercial
Ensemencement hydraulique
Ensemencement hydraulique
Ensemencement hydraulique